HeadSet: Your Personal YouTube Player for Ubuntu Desktop

As well known by everyone, today YouTube is home to the largest collection of music in the world. Many of us spend hours listening to the music stored there, but not always using the web browser to listen to the songs is a good idea.

Headset is a free desktop application that gives us the ability to use YouTube as a music source . This will allow you to stream the YouTube audio directly to your desktop. We can think of this application as Spotify without advertisements, with the largest music catalog in the world accessible from outside the web browser.

The Headset user interface is simple to use. Just type a word, the title of a song or the name of the album and select one of the options that will show you the result to start playing it. You can also play lists . With each video that adds this will be added as a new track said queue.

The program has a panel that offers different buttons to add favorites to the songs you like while you listen to them, jump to the previous / next tracks and go to the playlist / track.

The ones listed above are the options you can enjoy while you are not logged in. If you register for a free account you can unlock other features. Some of them are the possibility to create own playlists, tune to ad hoc radio stations, etc.

This is a very fast and simple application with integrated search option. It has a home screen with a popularity list by genres and epochs. The best of your options is perhaps a radio powered by Reddit . In the popular network there are multiple subreddits dedicated to discovering and sharing new music or rediscovering jewels of the past. The radio feature will allow you to treat your music subnets as personal radio stations.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try openSUSE

The Linux users of today are divided into three categories: Debian (Ubuntu), Fedora and Arch Linux. openSUSE is a bit different than those distributions. Keep in mind that there isn’t a better or a worse distribution, not in an absolute sense. A distribution is categorised as better or worse based on our personal expectations and usage of a certain computer.

For example, a network administrator will always consider Kali Linux (Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing) to be better than SteamOS (Valve’s specialised gaming operating system based on Linux). However, a gamer will think exactly the opposite.

Here are five reasons why a common user should give openSUSE a try.