Vince Pooley, the developer of Chapeau, has announced that Chapeau 24 “Cancellara” will soon be available for download. This announcement comes after almost a year of complete silence.

Chapeau 23 ” Armstrong ” was released last December and since then we have not heard a word from the developers. A few days ago, Pooley wrote an announcement on the official blog stating that Chapeau 24 is prepared, and is based on Fedora 24.

We took all the time needed to perfect Chapeau 24. As you know, we devote every distro to a cycling champion, this time we have dedicated our work to Fabian Cancellara, said Chapeau lead developer, Vince Pooley.

Chapeau is a high-performance, cutting-edge operating system built from the GNU/Linux distribution Fedora Workstation with the Gnome desktop environment.

In comparison to Fedora, Chapeau adopts a more relaxed approach to software licences and is intended to be just as useful for advanced users as it is easy for those new to using a Linux system There is built-in access to third-party software & sources repositories not included in Fedora such as RPMFusion, DropBox, Steam, Adobe Flash & Oracle VirtualBox.

Chapeau also includes pre-installed core packages to make the installation of new kernel modules pain-free, built-in remote & virtual system management tools, a selection of maintenance tools that come in especially handy when running Chapeau’s live image on a DVD or USB drive to analyse & fix broken systems and many more subtle enhancements to the Fedora base.

Chapeau is also gaming ready: Steam is ready to go and PlayOnLinux can also make it easy to run thousands of Windows programs & games.

Chapeau 24 Features

  • Gnome 3.20 desktop environment
  • LibreOffice 5
  • PlayOnLinux & Wine
  • Steam
  • VLC
  • Mozilla Firefox with Adobe Flash.
  • Hardware Helper Tool (hht)
  • Media codecs & DVD playback support
  • KVM virtualisation ready to go
  • Dropbox integration
  • New additional Chapeau wallpapers
  • Transmission is now bundled as the default torrent client
  • Wayland is no longer explicitly disabled in GDM’s config
  • Linux kernel 4.7
  • Known Issues

  • Not all shortcuts are showing their Moka icons on the home screen
  • The nouveau driver bundled with Fedora kernel 4.7.2 currently doesn’t work with Nvidia GTX 970 GPUs due to a bug introduced in Linux kernel 4.6. If you have a GTX970 you will have to boot the live image in ‘basic graphics mode’.
  • When can we upgrade to Chapeau 24?

    The Chapeau software repository for Chapeau 24 is now live so you can update your Chapeau 23 to version 24 using the DNF tool:

    $ sudo dnf upgrade --refresh
    $ sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
    $ sudo dnf system-upgrade download --refresh --releasever=24
    $ sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

    At this time, the ISO is available only for Chapeau 24 Beta. You can download it from SourceForce:


    Chapeau 24 Screenshots


    chapeau-24-screenshot-2 chapeau-24-screenshot-3

    Chapeau “Cancellara”, based on Fedora 24, will soon be released
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