The highly anticipated Debian 9 “Stretch” finally has an official release date.

Here is good news for users of Debian , one of the most popular distributions and appreciated environment GNU / Linux . The new major release is just around the corner and sharply arrives early even than the most optimistic forecasts.

Saturday, June 17 is the date chosen by the developers for the transition from Debian GNU / Linux 8 ” Jessie ” to ” Stretch “.

In these three weeks of work remaining before 17/06 developers will correct the last bugs and try to optimize the update process by Jessie Stretch to make it as easy and efficient as possible.

The Debian team is organizing the release-party in cities around the world. Here is the list of cities that will celebrate the event.

Niels Thykier in the usual announcement called on the community to report:

  • RC bugs
  • Patch crashes / memory leaks / etc.
  • Problems in the transition from Jessie Stretch

Debian 9 will be based on kernel 4.9 , on board we will find GCC 6.3.0, X.Org Server 1.19.2 , Mesa 13.0.6 and systemd 232.

GNU/Linux Debian 9 “Stretch” Will Be Released On June 17
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