Nowadays, there are quite a few online storage services to choose from, the most popular (and generous) is Google Drive. Dropbox is yet another service that allows you to store various files to an online drive, but it only provides (for free) 2GB of disk space. However, what’s interesting about Dropbox is that it’s cross-platform – which means you can use it on Windows, Linux, Mac and even Android devices. Basically, you get a folder on your computer that acts like a normal folder, only that the files are stored online.

The Linux client has just been updated to version 3 and here are the changes:

  • Rewrite of the Windows & Linux UI (1)
  • File identifiers (2)
  • Windows long path support (3)
  • New Linux headless setup flow
  • Updated splash screens
  • New Finder icon overlays
  • New Windows notification area icons
  • New black and white Mac menu bar icons (4)
Dropbox 3.0.3 for Linux Screenshots

DropBox-3.0.3-1 DropBox-3.0.3-2


DropBox-3.0.3-4 DropBox-3.0.3-5

Running Dropbox 3.0.3 on Linux

How to test drive the new version:

1. Close the current Dropbox client
2. Open a terminal and type:

32bit CPU:
cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -

64bit CPU:
cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -

3. Run it with:

Use the above method to test the new Dropbox. To permanently install it:

1. Remove previous version of Dropbox:

sudo apt-get remove nautilus-dropbox

2. Go to Dropbox downloads and get the 32bit or 64bit package for Ubuntu.

3. Install GDebi:

sudo apt-get install gdebi

4. Install Dropbox:

sudo gdebi install dropbox_1.6.2_amd64.deb

5. Look for the Dropbox icon under ‘Internet’ in Applications Launcher Menu.


Dropbox 3 Stable for Linux Has Been Released
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    Dropbox works great for syncing stuff. But, I prefer Binfer when I have to send a huge file to someone. The link is