googler is a power tool to Google (Web & News) and Google Site Search from the command-line. It shows the title, URL and abstract for each result, which can be directly opened in a browser from the terminal. Results are fetched in pages (with page navigation). Supports sequential searches in a single googler instance.

googler was initially written to cater to headless servers without X. You can integrate it with a text-based browser. However, it has grown into a very handy and flexible utility that delivers much more. For example, fetch any number of results or start anywhere, limit search by any duration, define aliases to google search any number of websites, switch domains easily… all of this in a very clean interface without ads or stray URLs. The shell completion scripts make sure you don’t need to remember any options.

googler isn’t affiliated to Google in any way.


How to install googler

If you don’t already have it, install git.
$ sudo apt-get install git

Download googler from GitHub:
$ cd $HOME
$ git clone

Optionally, install it globally on your system. If you just want to try it, you can still run it from its directory.

$ cd googler
$ sudo apt-get install make
$ sudo make install

Uninstall later with:
$ cd $HOME/googler
$ sudo make uninstall

If you want to run it from its directory, you will have to use the dot-slash command:
$ cd $HOME/googler
$ ./googler somethig-to-search

Searching examples

Google hello world:
$ googler hello world

Fetch 15 results updated within last 14 months, starting from the 3rd result for the string cmdline utility in site
$ googler -n 15 -s 3 -t m14 -w cmdline utility

Read recent news on gadgets:
$ googler -N gadgets

Fetch results on IPL cricket from Google India server in English:
$ googler -c in -l en IPL cricket

Search quoted text:
$ googler it\'s a \"beautiful world\" in spring

Search for a specific file type:
$ googler instrumental filetype:mp3

Disable automatic spelling correction, e.g. fetch results for googler instead of google:
$ googler -x googler

I’m feeling lucky search:
$ googler -j leather jackets

Website specific search:
$ googler -w hello world

Input and output redirection:
$ googler -C hello world < input > output
Note that -C is required to avoid printing control characters (for colored output).

Pipe output:
$ googler -C hello world | tee output

Use a custom color scheme, e.g., a warm color scheme designed for Solarized Dark (screenshot):
$ googler --colors bjdxxy google
$ GOOGLER_COLORS=bjdxxy googler google

Tunnel traffic through an HTTPS proxy, e.g., a local Privoxy instance listening on port 8118:
$ googler --proxy localhost:8118 google

More help:
$ googler -h
$ man googler

Google Search inside Linux Terminal
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