Text editors Vim 8.0 and Emacs 8.0 are out. The two editors remain heavily used by experts in the Unix world, both by system administrators but also by developers.

We were able to see in the recent Jenkins World 2016 that most presentations (including that carried out by the boss of CloudBees) were accomplished with tools like Vi (Vim, in general), or with Emacs excellent mcedit proposed.

Vim back after 13 years

Good news for experts in the Unix world, Vim 8.0 has just been put online. This is the first update of this project for 13 years!

Vim 8.0 offers support for asynchronous inputs and outputs channels, allowing it to interact with processes running in the background. It will also be possible to initiate actions at regular intervals. Interestingly, the JSON support is also included. Other advances brought by Vim 8.0, support for DirectX on Windows and GTK + 3.

Emacs adopts Cairo

Another important update is Emacs 25.1, a software that celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2016.

Emacs 25.1 provides technology simplifies loading libraries and integration of graphical widgets. Support for Unicode characters is also in progress, as well as network security (TLS / SSL certificates). Finally, support for Cairo – a free graphics new generation library is now present in Emacs 25.1.

Grandparents of Text Editing got Updates: Vim to 8.0 and Emacs to 25.1
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