Lenovo denies that it intentionally blocks the installation of Linux and other operating systems on computers. Wednesday, there were rumors that laptops with Windows 10 Home had this block in the Microsoft Signature Series as a result of an agreement with Microsoft.

The company denies the rumours: “Lenovo has recently switched to RAID configurations for SSDs in some systems, so additional steps are required to use all the features.”

The issue of Lenovo started building-up when a Reddit user got a response from an allegedly Lenovo employee on is negative review of Yoga 900 ISK2 laptop from Lenovo. He had tried to install Linux, but he was unsuccessful due to a particular RAID configuration. In response, suggested the “Lenovo Product Expert”, that this was not possible because Windows Signature devices are “closed following an agreement with Microsoft”. After the Reddit post received more attention, Lenovo limited temporary access to a thread on his forum on this topic.

Matthew Garrett, who contributed much to include the Linux kernel, explains in a blog post that this issue is a support issue in Linux. Intel would “still have not sent patches to Linux to support RAID mode”, forcing users that chose Lenovo models at this time to be stuck with Windows 10 Home. Garrett suspects that the decision of Lenovo comes from the fact that “Intel hardware requires a specific configuration for optimal energy efficiency”.

The BIOS That has locked the AHCI is currently Cryptographically signed by Lenovo.

Currently, one user had successfully installed Linux On Their device by manually flashing Their bios by soldering a chip programmer onto the actual chip.

They flashed a version They manually modified the BIOS by reverse engineering and hacking the code to get around Lenovo’s goto stmt, restoring uesr access to the advanced settings page.

Lenovo Denies Blocking of Linux Installation on Its Laptops
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