Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” KDE Edition is now available to try. It’s still a development release so it’s not wise to install it on production machines just yet. Based on Ubuntu 14.04, it will receive security updates until 2019.

New features in KDE 4.13.0

This release comes with version 4.13.0 of KDE, which delivers new fixes but also new features to many KDE applications, thanks to the new Semantic Search technology:

  • Okular and Kate got interface-related and feature improvements
  • Introducing Artikulate, the new foreign speech trainer
  • Marble (desktop globe) got support for bicycle routing and nautical miles
  • KMail introduces Cloud Storage
  • KNotes got search capabilities
  • Kcontact got improved, speeding-up all its operations
  • KAddressbook gained printing support
  • Konsole brings additional flexibility by allowing to store custom column and row sizes
  • Gwenview introduces RAW preview support
  • KMix got a series of bug fixes, additions to the sound menu and a new configuration dialog
  • Dolphin now takes advantage of the new search feature and got performance improvements
  • KDE Games and Educational applications got many updates in this version
New features in Linux Mint 17 KDE
  • The Update Manager now shows more information, it looks better and it’s faster
  • The Drive Manager is now able to install drivers without a working internet connection
  • MDM, the display manager, received new features and important bug fixes
  • The Software Sources tool got a few user interface improvements
  • The Welcome screen is now faster
  • lsb_release now supports a -u option to show upstream LSB information
  • The shutdown sequence was fixed
  • Linux Mint Artwork now features a beautiful collection of wallpapers

Linux Mint 17-RC KDE-2014-06-16-13-59-07     Linux Mint 17-RC KDE-2014-06-16-13-59-38

Linux Mint 17-RC KDE-2014-06-16-14-01-13     Linux Mint 17-RC KDE-2014-06-16-14-03-39

Linux Mint 17-RC KDE-2014-06-16-14-06-30     Linux Mint 17-RC KDE-2014-06-16-14-04-38

Linux Mint 17-RC KDE-2014-06-16-14-11-01     Linux Mint 17-RC KDE-2014-06-16-14-14-07

Linux Mint 17-RC KDE-2014-06-16-14-20-17     Linux Mint 17-RC KDE-2014-06-16-14-23-25

Linux Mint 17 “Qiana” KDE RC: First look
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