We are hearing a lot about the next version of Ubuntu but not so much on the upcoming versions of the official flavors, which bring their own contribution to the wholesome of the Ubuntu family. However, one of the developers of Lubuntu, Simon Quigley, has recently talked about Lubuntu and about the future distribution Lubuntu 17.10.

This new version will have two images, one image with LXDE and another image of installation with LXQT. Something that many users of the distribution have waited for some time.

What is the difference between LXQT and LXDE?

  • LXQt is maintained because of it is based on Qt libraries that are actually developed.
  • LXDE is based on Gtk2 libraries, which are no more developed. Moreover, LXDE won’t be ported to Gtk3.
  • It will be much easier for LXQt to be ported to Wayland and new technologies in general. That’s due to Qt and not Gtk2.

Moreover, you can download and install a development version of Lubuntu 17.10 containing LXQT as the main desktop. This image is inside the daily builds, but unfortunately it will not be the main development. The computer still sees the desktop with some instability and therefore does not use it as the main desktop. This is also why Lubuntu 17.10 will have two versions, one with LXDE and one with LXQT.

You can already download the ISO image with LXQT but you have to remember that it is a development image, an image that can cause problems if you install it on your production computer, hence it is recommended to test it on a virtual machine. In this case, even more users have reported problems – the fact that it’s becoming impossible to install for some users. Some of these problems may be insurmountable, for the moment, and so two versions are released, but it is something that may change soon.

Lubuntu LXQT Now Available as a Daily Build
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