Managing an Android device from Windows isn’t very hard because most smartphones have a software for doing so, provided by the manufacturers. Probably most are for Windows and OSX only. There are also a bunch of 3rd party applications to choose from. But what about Linux? Well, thank God for AirDroid! However, running AirDroid through your mobile carrier is slow and not cost-effective so it requires a direct WiFi connection from your PC to your Android device in order to transfer data through a local connection.

This is a quick tip for using AirDroid through a USB cable when a WiFi connection is not available:

1. First of all, install AirDroid from Google Play Store on your device.

2. Connect your Android device to PC through the USB cable.

3. On your Android device, go to Settings > More Settings > Tethering > USB Tethering and enable it.

Screenshot_2014-12-21-00-37-46 Screenshot_2014-12-21-00-38-11 Screenshot_2014-12-21-00-38-46

Your PC should now have a new wired connection installed. This is automatically done on most (if not all) Linux distributions.

4. Run AirDroid. You should see a http address for a local ip (192.168.x.x:8888). Use that address from a browser on your PC.


That’s it! Have fun!

Manage Android with AirDroid USB Cable Connection
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