In this article I will present a great program with which we can get lots of information about the hardware of our computer. The program is called i-nex and is available for different Linux distributions on its website. The program gathers information about the hardware components available on your system and displays it with a user friendly interface similar to the popular Windows CPU-Z tool. This detailed information will be shown ordered in very practical tabs.

I-nex is going to show us detailed information on the multitude of components of our hardware. For more convenience we will split the information to show information on: motherboard, CPU, GPU, hard drives, sound device, RAM, network devices and USB connected. It will also give us system information such as the host name, the distribution we use and its version of the kernel, etc.

In addition to being able to display hardware information, this program will also make it easier for us to generate a detailed report . This report can be customized as it will allow us to select what to include in the. The generated report is saved in .txt format. Optionally it will give us the possibility to send the report to a service like Pastebin (among others). It also gives us the option of taking a screenshot of the i-nex window directly from the application.

The difference between this application and the other hardware information tools available for Linux is that the information is better organized and displayed faster. This application shows information more easily than other applications that perform these functions.

HowTo install i-nex on Ubuntu

Installing this handy program from your repository is as easy as opening and typing on a terminal:

You can now open it by running ‘i-nex’ command in a terminal or find the shortcut in the launcher under ‘System Tools’.

HowTo uninstall i-nex on Ubuntu

Removing it from our system is as simple as opening a terminal and typing:


I-Nex: Display Hardware Information / CPU-Z Linux Alternative
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