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New research suggests that another bot-promoting botnet of more than 80, automated female Twitter accounts has been pimping the same dating scheme and prompting millions of clicks from Twitter users in the process.

Zack Allenmanager of threat operations at ZeroFOX, said he had a look at some of the spammy, adult-themed domains being promoted by the botnet in my research and found sex dating in Krebs were all being promoted through a botnet of bogus Twitter accounts.

Those phony Twitter accounts all featured images of attractive or scantily-clad women, and all were being promoted via suggestive tweets, Allen said.

Anyone who replied was ultimately referred to subscription-based online dating sites run by Datig Marketinga company based in California. Deniro did not respond to requests for comment.

ZeroFOX found more than 86, Twitter accounts were responsible for more than 8. Allen said An analysis of the Twitter bot names used in the scheme.

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The sec advertise sex dating in Krebs content by routinely injecting links from their twitter profiles to a popular hashtag, or by -mentioning a popular user or influencer on Twitter. From there the system is smart enough to redirect speed dating nights back to Twitter if they appear to be part of any automated attempt to crawl the links e.

They said this was likely a precaution on the sex dating in Krebs of escort chubby spammers to avoid detection by automated scanners looking for bot activity on Twitter.

Requests from visitors who look like real users responding to tweets are redirected to the porn spam sites. One of the more than panels linked to the same porn spamming operation. In Octoberthese panels reported a total of 1.

At the time, it was unclear to me how this apparent botnet was being used, and since then the total number of bots reporting in each day has shrunk considerably.

During the week the above-linked screen sex dating in Krebs were taken, this botnet had more than 1.

These days, the total number of servers reporting in to this spam network fluctuates between 50, andThanks to a tip from an anti-spam activist who asked not to be named, I was able to sex dating in Krebs that the botnet appears to be busy promoting a seemingly endless network of adult dating Web sites connected to just two companies: As affiliate marketing programs go, CyberErotica stretches way back — perhaps to the beginning.

According to TechCrunchCyberErotica is said to have fuck tonight Carrier Oklahoma ohio free chat the first sex dating in Krebs affiliate marketing firm in Federal Trade Commission, which alleged that the adult affiliate program was misrepresenting its service as free while it dinged subscribers for monthly charges and made it difficult for them to cancel.

InDeniro Marketing found itself the subject of a class-action lawsuit that alleged the company employed spammers to promote an online dating service that was overrun with automated, fake sex dating in Krebs of young women. No authentication or credentials needed. So much for operational security!

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