Monitor your Linux PC from an Android Device with Pulseway

Pulseway allows you to easily monitor and control a remote PC from any smartphone or tablet. It provides real-time status, system resources, network performance etc and sends you an alert on your smartphone whenever a condition is triggered. It also allows you to run commands in a terminal from your mobile device, stop and restart processes and many more.

Pulseway is structured in two parts: the agent, which runs on the computer you want to monitor and the mobile app, which obviously runs on your mobile device. What’s really great about it is it’s cross-platform abilities: you can monitor a Linux PC (running Debian/Ubuntu, RHEL/Fedora/CentOS/SUSE, Slackware or Arch), a Windows PC and even a Mac PC from any Android device, iOS device or Windows phone.

Manage Android with AirDroid USB Cable Connection

Managing an Android device from Windows isn’t very hard because most smartphones have a software for doing so, provided by the manufacturers. Probably most are for Windows and OSX only. There are also a bunch of 3rd party applications to choose from. But what about Linux? Well, thank God for AirDroid! However, running AirDroid through your mobile carrier is slow and not cost-effective so it requires a direct WiFi connection from your PC to your Android device in order to transfer data through a local connection.

This is a quick tip for using AirDroid through a USB cable when a WiFi connection is not available:

Remotely Control Your Ubuntu PC from an Android Device

This short article explains how to turn any Android device into a remote control for an Ubuntu Desktop PC with minimal requirement (SSH server, xdotool for Ubuntu and Home Remote Control for Android).

I’m not sure about the utility of doing this except for the fact that is pretty cool to do it. ;-)

Home Remote Control is nifty little Android app that provides A LOT of nice features to play with, see screenshots.