The last time I’ve tried to run Ubuntu 14.04.02 in VirtualBox, I got a very low screen resolution of 640×480, and xrandr was reporting it’s the only resolution available; not good because I could only use half of each window. This was the first time I came across this issue and don’t really care what caused it, but, searching around the web, I found various possible quick fixes, not of them actually working.

All you need to do is to install Guest Additions. That’s all! ;-)

How to fix VirtualBox and Ubuntu 14.04.2 low resolution (640×480) issue

1. First of all, boot Ubuntu in the VirtualBox, enter username/password in login window.

2. Go to (VirtualBox) Devices – Insert Guest Additions CD image..



3. Confirm what you want to do


4. Enter your password


5. Wait for installation


6. Reboot Ubuntu and enjoy!

VirtualBox and Ubuntu 14.04 Low Resolution (640×480) Fix
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